AIR Racing's mission was to take all we have learned from racers around the globe and pool our joint knowledge and experience into making high quality products and accessories that exceed all expectations.

      The expectations riders have are:
       1. Perfectly clear, undistorted field of vision.
       2. No loss of depth of field.
       3. UV protection.
       4. Anti-fog and anti-scratch.
       5. Easy lens change.
       6. Good tear off film and roll off film that doesn't alter field of vision and let water in between
           the lense and plastic film.

       7. Price.
AIR Racing Goggles have achieved all seven. Vision is everything in racing. To have zero distortion in a lens means accurate judgment of distance without having to compensate. Our competitors have a big range. AIR Racing figured " why not just make one great goggle with unbeatable performance and quality". Our licensed Spectra carbon lens is unmatched in clarity. Others can boast as much as they like but the proof is in the pudding.
We are the only company that offers both roll off and tear off systems together in a hard case. The Goggles are not packaged in landfill. Unzip the case and put them on your face. Simple, tough.